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A comprehensive manual on the skills of Christian meditative prayer, including the history of the Rosary, the history of the devotion, the theology behind it, and its many connections to art, architecture, liturgy, and other forms of prayer. Includes a chapter on each of the fifteen Mysteries, examining them from archaeological, anthropological, textual, and other viewpoints, and a thorough explanation of the many promises conveyed by apparitions of Mary to St. Dominic and Bl. Alan de Rupe, drawn largely from the Fathers of the Church. Throughout the text, the immense spiritual and social benefits of the Rosary and of meditative prayer emerge through the stories of the great saints who re-converted England, France, Italy, and other countries by encouraging the practice.
"The Rosary saved the West once and can do so again, if people are faithful to it. Read this book!" -- Rod Dreher, New York Post


"The best book I have yet seen on this subject." -- Michael Potemra, Literary Editor, National Review


Very informative, very interesting! A wonderful array of theology on prayer, grace, spirituality, to name only a few fields. Rosary is a book filled with knowledge ... reading it was indeed an intellectual and spiritual delight to my soul. A beautiful work, and a true work of love for Our Lady. -- Deacon Harry Prestwood, S.F.O., President, Our Lady's Rosary Makers

Rosary: Mysteries, Meditations, and the Telling of the Beads

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