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Pangæus Press was established in Dallas in 1996 by Kevin Orlin Johnson and a select group of editors, graphic designers, and printers concerned about maintaining the highest standards and traditions of scholarship, language, and the arts of the book.  


Today, Pangæus enters a new phase, producing films and videos and publishing books of lasting interest under four imprints:   


Cassiodorus Books that gather up the fragments of a shattered Christianity and make them accessible and relatable to America today


Federal Phœnix Books that recover the true history of the Lincoln administration from original documents and archæological evidence


Solstice America Books that recover the values, customs, and cultural heritage that we need if we're to turn life around to the best again


Lindalino Books that continue the great American tradition of satire, fantasy, and fun in a range of genres from comic novels to irreverent classics to empowering books for exceptional children

We're starting off with Mr. Johnson's newest titles, and we'll be offering our complete backlist of books here soon.  We're always looking for new projects that fit the themes and philosophy of these imprints. If you have a good idea along these lines, let us know through the contact page!

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