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Twenty-five years ago, in Why Do Catholics Do That?, renowned American scholar, author, and columnist Kevin Orlin Johnson answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Catholic faith, worship, culture, and customs, in a clear, understandable presentation that has outsold even the books written by St. John Paul II himself.  

In this twenty-fifth anniversary expanded edition Johnson presents this information, certified by the Church as free from error, along with new post-scripts in response to questions from readers of the first edition, and much more.  

Now more than ever before, Why Do Catholics Do That? is a definitive resource for everybody who wants to understand the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.


ISBN 978-1-929787-00-5

320 pages

What readers say about the first edition (and this one's better):

For all you Catholics (and non-Catholics) who wonder what the different symbols, numbers, saints, and other “Catholic Culture” things really mean: GET THIS BOOK! ― J.B., N.Y.

The book is a great read written in very casual, and understandable style to answer or explain certain matters of faith and Tradition in a very conversational tone. While the CCC would only mention that some rituals and practices were shaped by culture and time, Johnson expounds on exactly what these influences are, providing a deep insight into Sacred Tradition in casual, conversational language that one can use in friendly, coffee-shop talk.  ― I.P., U.S.

not exactly what I was expecting ― A.C., U.S.

I believe that if Catholics or non-Catholics gave this book a read, one would walk away as if a veil has been lifted in their understanding of Catholic culture. The information is vast, accurate, yet simply presented and extremely readable. Johnson has really done an outstanding job of research and the reader is well rewarded. I highly recommend this book.  ― B. J. O., U.S.

It was what I expected  ― H. W., U.S.

If you have any interest in the Catholic faith or religion in general, or even if you just want to broaden your knowledge, then this book is really worth a read.  ― M.D., U.K.

This is perhaps the single-best book I’ve read on the practices of the Catholic faith. If you were to only have three books in your Catholic library, I’d recommend the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and then this book. It truly is that good.  ― J. T., U.S. 

Truly an amazing book! Great for everyone to understand why we do what we do. This book explains everything in a humorous way and a more truthful way than the way my Grandma was trying to explain to us. I really love this book! It answers all my questions about new and old Catholics that are hard to phrase.  ― A.C., Miami


I attend mass at least five days a week, teach religious ed., and have served on parish council so I thought I knew everything. Boy, was I wrong and how fun to be set straight so gently. I highly recommend this book to Catholics, practicing and non-practicing, and anybody who wants to learn more about the Church.  ― S.A., U.S.

Excellent book for Catholics and non-Catholics. have been a Catholic for 59 years and I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know.  ― B.A., U.S. 

Terrific book. Don’t have to read one chapter after another. Just pick it up, open it and you’ll learn something. I’d like to see an update, but most everything in this book is still pretty current. Great gift for new Catholics or those studying to be.  ― T.M., U.S. 

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