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An astonishing performance! Johnson gives clear, accurate explanations of the full spectrum of mystic phenomena, masterfully presented with an unparalleled knowledge of the material.

— Ladislav Zgusta, Director Emeritus,
Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois

Must be the definitive book on mystic phenomena of all kinds ... a masterful work of the highest scholarly standard, its scope, depth, and richness are unparalleled in any other book I know of, past or present. 

— Karl Keating, Catholic Answers

Definitive in its synthesis, rich in its coverage, and of the highest scholarly standard ... A joy to read because of its clarity and verve — a very readable book.  

— R. W. Carstens, Ohio Domincan College

Most impressive — a masterpiece.  A rich and dazzling array of theological and practical informa-tion drawn from a thousand years of historical documentation.

— Rev. Robert M. Coerver, Director for Spiritual Development, Diocese of Dallas


No other book available today relates mystic phenomena so clearly to each other.  None shows so effectively their role as an integral part of Christianity. A wonderful book, a book of marvels.

— Mark Lowery, Dept. of Theology,
University of Dallas

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