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The Confederates never bombarded the White House, but during the Lincolns’ tenure things were pretty wild there anyway. Now, drawing on primary archival documents never before published, best-selling author Kevin Orlin Johnson brings us the true story of those most misunderstood, most misrepresented years in American history.
Now you can find out all about the Lincoln administration's most interesting features:

Frauds, Suicides,
and Naked Floating Corpses!

Insanity and Malfeasance in the White House!

Dead Rats and Typhoid
in the Executive Mansion!

Who Really Took the Missing Diamonds!

Why the Republican Party Consistently Ignored
The Savior Of The Union!

Why Americans Are Horrified
by Presidential Dinnerware!


How Honest Abe Managed
to Avoid Paying for Anything!

And, at last, an explanation of
how Lincoln got his slaves
and why he sold them. 
And kept the money.

690 pages

ISBN 0-9653660-5-7

TLITWH cover 101321_edited.png

Unfortunately, Kevin Orlin Johnson is the best historian in America today.  
Y. M., New York

A most important contribution to American knowledge. 
Clyde N. Wilson, Abbeville Institute

Your books are extraordinarily precise and well documented.
C. S., Wisconsin

There’s a lot to think about here.  And a lot of people won’t like having
to think about it.  
F. P., Illinois

Good Heavens.
A. R., Minnesota

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